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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Health Nut Holiday Gift Guide

Blenders, skillets, and books oh my! Each day I find myself drooling over kitchen gadgets, appliances and cookbooks. As I was catching up on my friend over at Wannabe Green she gave me the great idea to publish my top food and nutrition related gifts that I want for Christmas this year plus a gift guide for those of you shopping last minute for that health nut in the family!

My Birthday/Christmas Wish List

Handful Bra- A bra that actually flatters, not flattens! A good sports bra is hard to come by and I have been wanting to try this one for awhile.
Complete Food and Nutrition Guide- Being the nutrition nerd that I am I always want the most up to date credible nutrition information.
This award-winning book from the world's leading authority on food and nutrition is packed with the latest nutrition advice for every age and stage of life. Treasured by RDs and consumers alike, this "everything guide" gives readers the basics on nutrients, the latest in food trends, "how-tos" on selecting and preparing foods to get the most nutritional bang for your buck and more!
Yonanas frozen treat maker- What's this a yogurt maker?? This appliance only calls for the flavors your crave! Hint Hint Brian--> It can be bought at Best Buy =)
Blender bottle- Oh shaker bottles. The genius who thought of these. Such a simple, yet essential tool. Don't have one? Oh, you must get one. It is essential for me because by the time I get home from the gym I have completely forgotten about post exercise nutrition because I'm so tired. Wonderful for on-the-go meals!
Isobag 3 meal system (mega lunch box!)- I commute to work, so I basically pack up everyday like I am going out-of-town. Every morning I pack up breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks, pre and post workout shakes. I'm quickly out growing my little lunch box.
Vitamix- The holy grail of kitchen blenders, yes the Vitamix. Every time the infomercial comes on I try and force Brian to watch it. Of course he sees absolutely no need to spend are hard earned money on a blender. But, it is not just a blender! It makes likes so much more simpler. Smoothies, hot soups, ice cream, yogurt.... If you have yet to see this on the home shopping network, please go DVR it right now! It will change your out look on life...well blenders =) You can even get them refurbished with an awesome warranty.
Keurig- Mother of all trendy coffee makers. This would make my coffee addiction so much more enjoyable! 

I am crazy about cats!  
So, if you know a crazy cat lady here you go!
Measuring Cups and Bowls

  More healthy gift ideas!

Immersion blender- I keep one in my desk drawer at work. Very convenient when needing to mix up a quick shake. 
Mason Jars- Extremely trendy right now. People are using them for cups and even light fixtures!
Paper straws- Adorable straws! Who doesn't like that?
Food Savers- Stop throwing away produce, store in these adorable food savers or use them as lunch box containers. 
Quick Pop Maker- Make healthy and delicious frozen treats fast! 
Smart Oven-Have I ever told you guys that I am afraid of my kitchen? Well I am, so this looks ideal for me! 
Wine Trax- Stop overestimating a "serving" of wine. This fancy wine glass keeps your portions in check!
Slimware plates- Stylish plates that help you control your portions! Why didn't I think of this??

Heart Rate Monitor- I couldn't exercise without mine. It tracks all of your workouts keeping records giving you something to work towards. It is very motivating..
Sweatbands- Summer will be here before you know it (not quick enough). Stuff a stocking with some fashionable sweatbands. 
Bodylastics Basic Tension System- Take the gym with you! I love to use resistance bands in my workout. Of course great resistance (duh!), but also you can get in some deep stretches using these bands. 

Just plan cool
Ice Cream Scooper - Practice proper portion sizes with this ice cream scooper!
Core Yoga Mat Organizer-What an awesome concept. Water bottle and storage container roll up in your yoga mat!
Lunch Skins- Fashionable, reusable lunch bags!
Nite Coaster- Ever wake up in the middle of the night sleepily trying to find your water glass only resulting in a big spill? No more! With this nite coaster you get a motion sensor night light for you water glass!

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!
Continue reading as I continue my mission: Healthy Huggins
What's on your Christmas list??


  1. All kinds of great stuff Cindy! Crossing my fingers that I get a few from Santa :)

    1. I have been dropping so many hints all throughout the year for a Keurig! Can't wait to see whats under the tree! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hi Cindy, Hope you got a Keurig for Christmas. You should also check out the Nija Pulse blender, a little more affordable than the vitamix. The NutriBullet is also a great blender and affordable also. Try these until you can get the Vitamix.

    1. Hi Judy, I did NOT get my Keurig! Boo! I have been watching the Ninja infomercials too. I think I will try that before I invest in a Vitamix! Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by.

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